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Naturally Modern Bedrooms – Part 2

Using a variety of textures in bedroom design can give the room a sense of luxury and dimension, especially if you’re going with a neutral color palette.  Adding natural textures to an otherwise modern room can also help to give the room a sense of balance.   Certain textures, like the linen bedding we’re so madly-in-love with these days, can help promote a restful sleep, while floor-to-ceiling windows let the outdoors for a sense of awe and inspiration.  The only thing left a bedroom needs is fun… and you bring that part!  This is the second in a our series on Naturally Modern Bedrooms (see our first post here).  This post is dedicated to textures – we hope they inspire you to create a natural and luxuriously modern bedroom that makes you feel wonderful!

The two photos above are of a gorgeous private residence in Colorado by Robyn Scott Interiors.  We especially love the Kenneth Cobonpue Ying-and-Yang Chair in the corner by the fireplace  – its as if its floating in the air.  So modern, so natural, so perfect for that spot.  The soft, natural linen bedding, neutral color palette, a fireplace to die for, and the floor-to-ceiling windows letting the outside in all combine to make this bedroom the picture of perfection!  (Though, if it were my bedroom, I would not have chosen the curved lounger to the the left of the bed.  I’d rather see another KB Yin-and-Yang chair there, perhaps with an ottoman of the same design.)  (Photo credits:  Interior Design – Robyn Scott Interiors / Architect – Tom Cole / Via and Colorado Homes magazine.)

There are few things finer than linen bedding.  The two photos above show how linen bedding can be pretty messy (as in the first photo) or more tailored and “made” (in the second photo).  Either way – tailored or wrinkled and messy – its natural and beautiful and modern all at once.   In the first photo, the tree just outside this giant floor-to-ceiling window really brings the outdoors in.  Its almost as if the tree is a canopy for the bed, protecting those who sleep there.  (Photo via  The second photo is from Restoration Hardware showcasing not just the beautiful linen bedding, but also those gorgeous moon prints!  Very restful design idea for over-the-bed.  (Photo via

The photos above are great examples of how you can use texture to liven up a neutral bedroom.  The first photo shows you can achieve a natural, but still modern, bedroom vibe even in a smaller city apartment.  The varying, but complementary, textures in the linen bedspread, modern cognac leather chair, sheepskin rugs and wood floors really give dimension to an otherwise smaller room.  Beautiful!  (Photo via our Naturally Modern Pinterest Boards, with credits.)  The second photo is another example of use of texture  – even just the combination of linen and wood accents can subtly add a luxurious quality to a natural bedroom.  (Photo, with credits, via our Naturally Modern – Modern Neutrals Pinterest Board.)

Ahh, finally, the texture of a soft canopy.  Canopy beds aren’t exactly the first thing you might think of when you envision a modern bedroom, but if the rest of the elements have a modern sensibility, a simple canopy can create softness without detracting from the clean lines.  The soft blue and sea green colors on the bed give the room a bit of a be achy or garden feel.  Lovely.

A Touch of Grey – Moody Neutrals

White, grey and taupe color palettes give spaces a fresh, modern feel.  It’s relaxed, modern, sophisticated, and natural all at the same time.   This color combination can be minimalistic, masculine, or it can be softened to actually give the space a simple elegance to its modern base.  Here are some of our favorite examples of this naturally modern color palette making some of the best interior design.

Love the polished concrete floors and countertop – naturally modern.  The white keeps things fresh and light and the wood accents soften the space perfectly.  Private residence in Palm Beach.  (Photo credit: / Photography credit:  Prue Ruscoe.)

Modern parisian residence.  (Photo via / Photography credit:  Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer.)

Love the aggregate showing through on these white polished concrete floors – beautiful!  Private residence in Capte Town, South Africa by Greg Wright Architects.  (Photo credit:

Private residence by Murdock Young Architects.  (Photo via Designlabyrinth blog.)

(Photo:  Courtney Cox Malibu home via Elle Decor.)

(Gorgeous taupe Arne Jacobsen chair by a grey stone fireplace – modern masculine!  Photo via

Simple and stunning!  Love the combination of the modern art and the natural wood floors. This room is perfectly balanced with the contrast  of materials and flowing color palette. (Photo via

Tranquil bedroom in soft palette of white, taupe and charcoal with  linen bedcover.  Very simple – but the moody grey/blue art on the gallery-style  headboard ledge adds a little drama so the room doesn’t feel plain.  Rather, its simple and modern.  (Photo via Blissfulbblog.)

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Nook Hook-up

When a nook is done right, there are few things finer.  When a space has elements for interior design to be, literally, built-in (as is often the case with a “nook”), the result is a harmonious simplicity that somehow makes just being and living in the space satisfying.  Here are some of our favorite examples of modern, natural nooks.  Or as we light-heartedly refer to it… your nook hook-up.  😉

All photos via our Pinterest / Photo credits:  1- x-po design; 2-via; 3 –; 4; 5 –; 6 –

Naturally Modern Chair by Michael Wolk Design

If modern furniture with a natural element makes you as happy as it makes us, then we’re thrilled to share our latest find with you.   We came across this gorgeous chair from Michael Wolk Design Associates and fell in love with it.  The angular lines are beautifully modern and the minimalist wood frame gives it just enough earthiness to keep it natural.  The white upholstery makes it timelessly chic.  Enjoy!

(Photos via Wolk Design Associates website.)

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Design Ideas for a Beach Picnic

Happy Friday!  We have beach picnics on our minds for the weekend here at Naturally Modern.  If the idea of a picnic on the beach uplifts your spirits… here’s some picnic design ideas to help inspire a gorgeous, modern beach picnic, day or night!

Photo credits above:  1 –; 2 – 100 Layer Cake wedding blog; 3 -Mysparrowblog; 4 – Viceroy Anguilla; 5 -Sale Resorts in Samui.)

Dr. Oz’s Sangria Recipe to Fight Aging

We here at Naturally Modern love a good excuse to enjoy good wine.  Fighting aging sounds like as good a reason to us as any!  We came across this Sangria recipe from Dr. Oz and wanted to share it with you.  Dr. Oz’s recipe calls for pinot noir wine, but you can use any kind of wine you prefer – red wine, white wine, or even champagne!  You can also substitute your favorite fruit.  Guess this means drinking sangria is the naturally modern way to stay young!

Skin-Saving Sangria 

The wine and blackberries in this cocktail are rich in antioxidants, while the vitamin C in the fruit helps to fight wrinkles.


Makes 1 (64-oz) pitcher

1 bottle Pinot Noir

4 oz Reposado Tequila (agave plant base)

4 oz peach nectar

2 cups orange/pineapple juice

2-3 plums

1 whole pineapple

2.6 oz cartons black berries

2-3 oranges


Fill large pitcher with ice and fruit. Pour in bottle of wine. Add tequila and peach purée. Add orange/pineapple juice. Garnish with orange slice and serve.

via Cocktails to Fight Aging | The Dr. Oz Show.

(Photo credit via:


Kings Road House Voted The Best House of all Time

Rudolph Schindler’s Kings Road House in West Hollywood was named the “Number 1 Best House of All Time” by the LA Times in a poll of architects.  It’s no wonder why – Schindler was modern and progressive not only for his time, but his work continues to be modern and progressive today.  We especially love the indoor-outdoor sensibility in Schindler’s design.  Thank you LA Times!

See below in italics selected excerpts from the blog we found especially interesting:

No sooner can you get out the words “best houses in Southern California” than hands will go up asking what that means, reflecting the subjectivity for compiling such a list. Clearly, there’s more than one way to measure the beauty, utility and significance of any house, but the architects, preservationists and professors who took part in our survey were allowed to apply the term however they felt was appropriate — weighing combinations of personal taste, originality, historical importance and iconic clout.

We’re not surprised that architects, preservationists and professors chose R.M. Schindler’s King’s Road House as the best house of all time.  Schindler is studied in architecture school is beloved by many architects for his simple, but lasting designs and use of materials.

“The sense for the perception of architecture is not the eyes,” Schindler once said, “but living.” 

No. 1: Kings Road House Rudolph Schindler West Hollywood, 1921-22

Kings Road House – Rudolph Schindler / West Hollywood / 1921-1922

If you imagine what most houses looked like in Los Angeles in the 1920s (Spanish, Victorian, shingle), the Schindler house would have been pretty exotic. “A radical rethinking of the man-made environment,” as Schindler biographer David Gebhard put it, the house that the German-Austrian immigrant and Frank Lloyd Wright associate designed for himself and another family in the flatlands west of Hollywood forged a template for the now familiar indoor-outdoor lifestyle of Southern California. The house was really a duplex with a common kitchen, in keeping with its avant-garde communal premise.

Schindler’s work was so progressive for the 1920’s (when Kings Road House was designed and built).  You can see Schindler’s influence in many new residential homes built today, with its clean horizontal lines, indoor-outdoor living design, and use of redwood, concrete and glass materials.  We see poured-in-place concrete walls in many new modern building construction nowadays, combined with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open completely to the outdoors and/or around a center courtyard.

If there is a theme to the top 10 list, it is Modernism in its various forms, an acknowledgment of the important role that Southern California has played in the history of modern architecture beginning with the Craftsman homes of Greene & Greene at the start of the last century, continuing with Irving Gill’s take on the Pueblo past and Frank Lloyd Wright‘s Maya-flavored textile block houses, then followed by the space-shifting inventions of Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra. Later, the influential post-World War II Case Study houses commissioned by Arts & Architecture magazine produced lasting democratic visions of glass and steel wrought by Charles and Ray Eames, Pierre Koenig, Craig Ellwood and others.

Source and segments above from:  The best houses of all time in L.A. –

Outdoor Living Rooms

In honor of getting ready for the weekend, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite outdoor rooms.  We live for outdoor living here at Naturally Modern.  If you’re looking for some design ideas for your outdoor room, hopefully these will give you a little inspiration.  Today we chose rooms that combine natural and modern elements and are integrated into the overall design of the home so that the interiors perfectly transition to the exteriors.  Its about seamlessness and intention.  Depending on the space, you might choose your favorite modern outdoor furniture or custom built-ins.  Modern pergolas and overhead beams add architectural interest.  And if you really want to kick it up a notch, adding an outdoor fireplace can really complement the space and extend your enjoyment of the outdoor room throughout the seasons.  Finally – don’t forget the role of landscape design.  It can really drive the indoor-outdoor seamlessness.  Enjoy!

(Photo credit:  Fernanda Marques Architects.)

  (Photo via California Home + Design magazine / Photo credit: Mariko Reed / Design Credit:  Erin Martin.)

Absolutely gorgeous outdoor living area with built-in seating and a fireplace by Neil Architecture.  The wood give the space such a natural, protected feeling.  (Photo via

Love this.  Double take – tricks the eye into what is outdoor, what is indoor. (Photo credit: Fearon Hay Architects.)

Stunning outdoor living space by Robert Mills Architect.  (Photo via Glamour Drops blog.)

We love how the designer for this contemporary seaside villa in Cape Town defined the various outdoor areas with their own covered pergola or cabana-like structures, all modern with the slatted wood.  This gorgeous outdoor area is ready for dining, lounging, swimming and all-around relaxing good times.  (Photo via SAOTA.)

The “Serra Barn” house in Malibu.  (Photo via MLS.)

Step off the deck of this serene outdoor living room in a private residence of Santa Barbara and you’re in the sand.  This outdoor lounge area is an extension of the beautiful coastline – or is it the other way around?  That seamlessness is what we love – and it takes the right landscape design in order to achieve the idea.  (Photo:  Neumann Mendro Adrulaitis Architects/ Katie O’Reilly Rogers Landscape Architecture/ Richard Hallberg and Barbara Wiseley Interior Design / Photos:  Ashleyrohe blog via Veranda Magazine.)


Neutral Summer Dresses

Love these beautiful dresses in shades of nude, sand, taupe, beige, neutrals.  Always gorgeous and so naturally  modern!

Chloe Spring Summer 2012.  (Photo via Sarahartandfashion blog.)
Tadashi Shoji Spring Summer 2012.  (Photo via
BCBG Max Azria Spring Summer 2011.  (Photo via
Christian Dior Spring Summer 2012.  (Photo via
Elie Saab perfection of a dress.  (Photo via Elie Saab Spring 2010.)

Warm Neutrals – Light Creams and Wood Accents

The combination of modern furnishings in a creamy, light color palette and wood accents is perfectly naturally modern.  Check out some of our favorites….

(Photo via Coastal Living Magazine / Photography by Lisa Romerein.)

This modern beach house in the Philippines uses such a great mix of modern and natural elements – it really gives the space of subtle, sophisticated coastal vibe.  (Archipelago Architectural Firm / Photo via Naturalmoderninteriors blog.)

Photos above of a private residence in Sydney by MPR Design Group.  (Photos via

Simple white daybed, pillow and throw on amazing herringbone wood floors.  dayb  (Photo via

Warm, modern dining room featured in Metropolitan Home Magazine (Photo credit:  Jeff Herr Photography.)

Dreamy bedroom in a private Italian villa published by Architectural Digest.  (Photo:  Architectural Digest via Mimiandmeg blog / Photography credit: Scott Frances.)

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