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Naturally Modern Bedrooms – Part 2

Using a variety of textures in bedroom design can give the room a sense of luxury and dimension, especially if you’re going with a neutral color palette.  Adding natural textures to an otherwise modern room can also help to give the room a sense of balance.   Certain textures, like the linen bedding we’re so madly-in-love with these days, can help promote a restful sleep, while floor-to-ceiling windows let the outdoors for a sense of awe and inspiration.  The only thing left a bedroom needs is fun… and you bring that part!  This is the second in a our series on Naturally Modern Bedrooms (see our first post here).  This post is dedicated to textures – we hope they inspire you to create a natural and luxuriously modern bedroom that makes you feel wonderful!

The two photos above are of a gorgeous private residence in Colorado by Robyn Scott Interiors.  We especially love the Kenneth Cobonpue Ying-and-Yang Chair in the corner by the fireplace  – its as if its floating in the air.  So modern, so natural, so perfect for that spot.  The soft, natural linen bedding, neutral color palette, a fireplace to die for, and the floor-to-ceiling windows letting the outside in all combine to make this bedroom the picture of perfection!  (Though, if it were my bedroom, I would not have chosen the curved lounger to the the left of the bed.  I’d rather see another KB Yin-and-Yang chair there, perhaps with an ottoman of the same design.)  (Photo credits:  Interior Design – Robyn Scott Interiors / Architect – Tom Cole / Via Houzz.com and Colorado Homes magazine.)

There are few things finer than linen bedding.  The two photos above show how linen bedding can be pretty messy (as in the first photo) or more tailored and “made” (in the second photo).  Either way – tailored or wrinkled and messy – its natural and beautiful and modern all at once.   In the first photo, the tree just outside this giant floor-to-ceiling window really brings the outdoors in.  Its almost as if the tree is a canopy for the bed, protecting those who sleep there.  (Photo via Moderncountry.blogspot.com.)  The second photo is from Restoration Hardware showcasing not just the beautiful linen bedding, but also those gorgeous moon prints!  Very restful design idea for over-the-bed.  (Photo via RestorationHardware.com.)

The photos above are great examples of how you can use texture to liven up a neutral bedroom.  The first photo shows you can achieve a natural, but still modern, bedroom vibe even in a smaller city apartment.  The varying, but complementary, textures in the linen bedspread, modern cognac leather chair, sheepskin rugs and wood floors really give dimension to an otherwise smaller room.  Beautiful!  (Photo via our Naturally Modern Pinterest Boards, with credits.)  The second photo is another example of use of texture  – even just the combination of linen and wood accents can subtly add a luxurious quality to a natural bedroom.  (Photo, with credits, via our Naturally Modern – Modern Neutrals Pinterest Board.)

Ahh, finally, the texture of a soft canopy.  Canopy beds aren’t exactly the first thing you might think of when you envision a modern bedroom, but if the rest of the elements have a modern sensibility, a simple canopy can create softness without detracting from the clean lines.  The soft blue and sea green colors on the bed give the room a bit of a be achy or garden feel.  Lovely.

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