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Fodor’s 10 Best Luxury Hotel Spas

Fodor’s just published their list of the “10 Best Luxury Hotel Spas” with some great resorts from around the world included.  The list includes spas with indoor-outdoor therapeutic treatments, herbal and natural healing treatments, Ayurvedic and holistic treatments, oceanfront treatments, and of course all of the best massage and pressure-point treatments one can enjoy on regular basis.  Best of all, the list is populated with modern, luxurious, design-oriented resorts.  So there is no need to sacrifice your aesthetic sensibility to get a good spa-treatment.

Sandra Ramani authored the article at Fodor’s and sums it up when she writes:

Historically, wellness retreats and destination spas weren’t concerned with things like posh furnishings, gourmet eats, or locker room freebies, focusing instead on their (sometimes strict) health and lifestyle programs. Now that luxury hotels and resorts are in the spa game, though, things have changed: These days, spa aficionados are likely to find extras like homemade organic snacks, private treatment villas, and high-tech facilities (think indoor “snow rooms”) to complement the therapeutic services. Below are some favorite five-star spots that take pampering to a whole other level.

via 10 Best Luxury Hotel Spas | Travel News from Fodor’s Travel Guides.


Phulay Bay, Ritz-Carlson / Krabi, Thailand (Photo via Fodors.com)

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