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For Sale: The Walker Residence (1959) in Ojai, CA

The famous Walker Residence, built in 1959, in Ojai, CA is listed for sale on the Crosby Doe website for just under $4 Million. We love the natural, modern, indoor-outdoor lifestyle it so beautifully encapsulates.  Here are some of the highlights:

Of all John Entenza’s California Case Study Program participants, Rodney Walker was the most hands on designer. … While the designs of Rodney’s three Case Study residences are internationally known and celebrated today, his personal residence in Ojai remains virtually unknown, even though those who do know the work acknowledge the creation as his most significant.

Rodney was not the first to utilize the equilateral triangle in architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright utilized a modular system of equilateral triangles in some of his designs, and John Lautner designed a small residence with a perimeter in the shape of an equilateral triangle like Rodney’s in 1950. Nevertheless, the Walker Residence design, without sacrificing utility, epitomizes the utilization of the form in the creation of an unsurpassed statement of what today has become popularly known as the modern California lifestyle of indoor-outdoor living.

The carefully chosen site is a unique hilltop on the west side of the Ojai Valley which affords 270 degree panoramic vistas while still providing total privacy for the occupants. Curtain glass walls and mobile glass panels are set back beneath the roof eaves and structural perimeter. From the interiors the effect is cineramic. To steal from Wright: from this vantage you don’t just see the Valley and the Mountains, you are the Valley and the Mountains! The experience is transcendent, and not fleeting. Communing with nature here is a moment by moment daily reality.

The site is over 3.4 acres. A gated private drive curves gently up the hill to a generous parking plaza and the residence entry. In addition to the living areas, there are four bedrooms (one of which is currently used as a media room), and three baths.

Source / Read the whole story via Crosby Doe Associates.

Plank by Eric Pfeiffer and Council

Oakland-based designer Eric Pfeiffer created a naturally modern version of the the classic Adirondack chair, with a nod toward mid-century design.  It has a minimalist sensibility – when done right, this is something we love in furniture design.  We also love that the pieces are made from a new type of engineered wood that is grown and produced right here in the United States. Dwell magazine recently interviewed Pfieffer and we wanted to let you know about it.  Below are some clips from the article with a link at the end to read the whole story.  Enjoy!

pfeiffer plank lounge

The collection is natural and modern – utilizing a new type of engineered wood that is sustainable, as well as eco-chic:

Our approach was to create a collection minimal in form and utilitarian in material use. The construction reflects the design intent with a simple curve resting on a powder coated steel rod base.

[The Pereniial Wood material] is a beautiful, humble material that provides unique aesthetic and performance characteristics not currently available for the outdoor market, competing with hardwoods and rivaling teak in performance. …. [The wood] is grown and produced here in the U.S. from Southern pine—a renewable resource. Perennial Wood is modified with heat, pressure and an organic compound that leaves no toxic substances in the wood. It lasts longer than unmodified woods and therefore needs to be replaced less often. This dovetails nicely into our desire to create products for the next generation to enjoy.

We also love that California architecture partially inspired the design of the line.

I was inspired by California architecture from the mid-century and the indoor-outdoor lifestyle they offer. Adirondack chairs and the floating decks around my neighborhood in the Oakland Hills also played a factor in our initial thinking around the collection. The unique properties of Perennial Wood allowed us to further explore the connection between indoors and outdoors because the aesthetic properties of Southern pine are familiar inside the home, yet not traditionally available for outdoor use.

So there you have it – possibly the definition of naturally modern… Natural materials, modern design.  Perfection.

Read the whole story via ICFF 2012: Plank by Eric Pfeiffer and Council – Products – Dwell.

The White Pantsuit

It didn’t start with Bianca Jagger, but she certainly wore it well.  The white pantsuit for a woman is still chic, no matter what your size or shape.  Its always fresh, modern and… flattering!  Who would have thought white would be flattering to everyone?  Well, try the white pantsuit and you won’t be disappointed.  It all depends on having the right cut in the jacket to nip in the waist and give structure to your shoulders.  The pants depend on your body and your preferences – wide-leg, skinny, flowy, linen, cropped or even a skirt.  Its up to you.  Depending on the fabric, this outfit can be worn for causal events, work and office events, formal evens, or even on your wedding day.  The white suit is naturally modern!

Here are some of our favorites!

Bianca Jagger in Halston white pantsuit.  (Photo:


Elle McPhereson in a dazzling white pant suit.  She perfectly gleams it up a for an event with the sparkly clutch.  (Photo:


Milla Kundis in white pantsuit.  She makes this modern.  (Photo:


Angelina Jolie in white pantsuit.  (Photo:


Gotta love Catherine Keener in her white pantsuit (with sexy vest, might we say) and gorgeous dark wavy hair.  Not only do we love her as an actress, but we love her look.  Brilliant!  (Photo:


Lauren Hutton in white pantsuit at the movie premier for The Jonses. Need we say more?  She is always modern.  She is always natural.  She is naturally modern!  (Photo:


A more casual version of the white pantsuit – white pants and blouse by Mango, Spring/Summer 2012.  Gorgeous with the brown belt!  (Photo:  Mango via Haute Design by Sarah Klassen.)


Modern Southampton Beach House

This is a gorgeous modern residence in Southampton, NY, made with natural materials at the beach.  Designed by the Architecture team of Luca Campaiola, Anthony Hobson, and Jakes van der Watt, the materials consist of anodized aluminum, oak wood floors, clear cedar vertical siding, horizontal rain screens and cement panels.  It has a geothermal heating and cooling system and uses spray foam insulation to provide efficient climate control.  See it via Stelle Architects.

Moody Neutrals – Creams, Browns and Greys

We love the combination of creams, greys and darker woods.  This version of a neutral color palette lends a slightly “moody modern” aesthetic to a design while wood accents add enough “natural” to keep a room inviting.  This is a naturally sophisticated modern design concept and we can hardly get enough of it.  Here are some of our favorite examples of this beautiful design concept.

(Photos above:  Capoferro Design Build Group/ via the company’s profile.)

Bark Design Architects – Pool House.  (Photo:  Bark Design Architects via

Fearon Hay Architects.  (Photo via Fearon Hay Architects / Photogrpahy – Richard Powers. )

The Serra Barn in Malibu, California by Architect Michael Kovac / Interiors by Vanessa Alexander.  (Photo via

Naturally Modern Maxi Dress From ASOS

We could wear this beautiful Vero Moda Knitted Urban Maxi Dress all day, every day.  It is so chic with the skinny leather belt.  The simple cut keeps it modern while the soft fabric lends a natural vibe.  In a neutral color like this soft grey, it can be dressed up or dressed down.  This could be worn to the office on a casual Friday, to the grocery store, for a dinner party at a friend’s house, to picking up the kids from school.  You could probably even take a nap in it and still be gorgeous.  This is naturally modern dressing at its very heart.  We love!

Photos above via Vero Moda | Vero Moda Knitted Urban Maxi Dress at ASOS.W

We couldn’t find any other colors on the Asos website at the time of posting, so we searched on the Web for more information about this dress and found some additional colors on Google images that the dress apparently come in.  Don’t know how you could get this, but perhaps emailing Asos would work.