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Modern Vacation: The “Beach House” at qualia, Australia

For your next modern, beach vacation, consider booking the “Beach House” at the qualia resort, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.  We wish this was our house!


Modern Architectural Chair by Richard Neutra

Today we’re featuring Richard Neutra’s Boomerang Chair.  While Nuetra is most famously known for being one of the modern architectural masters, he also designed special furniture.  Some of the furniture is showcased in the famous Case Study Houses.


Design Ideas to Bring the Outdoors In All Year Long

We will never be able to get enough of architecture and design that brings the outdoors in.  The indoor-outdoor lifestyle may not work all year long in some parts of the world, but nothing beats it when the weather is temperate.  The rest of the time we settle for just seeing it….  walls of glass do that perfectly.

Here are some of our favorite design examples of how to bring the outdoors in all year long.

kitchen design brings the outdoors in

Floor-to-ceiling windows in kitchen

(Poliform kitchen promotional photo via

Simple Modern Solarium

Solarium in center of the home – Photo from via NModern Pinterest Board

Walls of glass breezeway at the L House - Buenos Aires

Breezway / Hallway with invisible walls via glass siding.  Photo from TheCoolHunterUK via NModern Pinterest Board

i can hear the  birds singing already

Living room interior design incorporates large indoor plant and crossed steel structural beams to mimic and compliment the trees and natural environment outdoors.  Photo from via NModern Pinterest Board.

Living room with retractable wall.  Photo via

Indoor outdoor pool with retractable door/window by

fresh air a plenty

Enclosable deck area keeping flooring the same through indoor and outdoor.  Photo from via NModern Pinterest Boards

board formed concrete beauty

The good kind of glass ceiling lets the outdoors in.  Photo from via NModern Pinterest Boards

Natural Health: Acupuncture For Chronic Pain


Acupuncture is one of the oldest healing traditions in the world.  It has been practices for thousands of years.

Acupuncture may go more mainstream now that new research shows that it provides modest but statistically significant benefits over both standard care and placebo for patients with chronic pain.A team led by researchers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York looked at 29 randomized controlled trials involving a total of 17,922 people from the U.S., Germany, Spain, and Sweden who suffered with back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, or chronic headaches. For greater precision, the investigators analyzed data on the individual patients, rather than outcome summaries, as prior reviews have done. The study was published online Sept. 10 by Archives of Internal Medicine.In 18 of the studies, patients either got acupuncture, in which needles were inserted at points of the body traditionally used to provide pain relief, or standard treatments such as analgesics, physical therapy and exercise. In 11 others, acupuncture was compared with a control group that included “sham” acupuncture, in which needles didnt break the skin or were inserted superficially. via Acupuncture is more than a placebo for chronic pain.

For more information, check out the resources below:

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Acupuncture:  An Introduction